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Thyristor SCR

Thyristor SCR in Oman, Abu dhabi, Mascot, Indonesia, Pan india

The Thyristor SCR modules turn on by applying a pulse current to a gate current.

Pearl Electronics is a leading Manufacturer, supplier and Importer/Exporter of Thyristor SCR in Oman, Abu Dhabi, Mascot, Indonesia, Pan India. Though, it is a latch type semiconductor, the Thyristor SCR only starts when a holding current reaches a set level. Thyristors SCR is used in different applications such as power-switching circuits, relay-replacement circuits, inverter circuits, oscillator circuits, level-detector circuits, chopper circuits, light-dimming circuits, low-cost timer circuits, logic circuits, speed-control circuits, phase-control circuits, Welding machines/DC motor control, AC motor control/NC control/static switches/electric furnace temperature control/dimming of lighting etc.

Thyristor SCR is controlled rectifier; SCR is a device which is widely used for controlling as well as switching power and often high voltage AC or DC circuits. Thyristor SCR has three states such as Reverse blocking mode, Forward blocking mode, Forward conducting mode.

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